Swedish Happiness Hero

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark · Happiness Team


Do you always meet people with a big smile on your face? Not the creepy, forced one - that’s not what we’re talking about. But that real, heartfelt one that makes another person’s day just a little better - yeah, that one.

Our mission at Goodiebox is to make the world just a little happier - big words we know. But we believe we can do it, starting with our fantastic members. At Goodiebox, we not only provide the best products but also a unique experience that amazes and provides happy faces all over Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium. And now we are looking for someone to bring those same happy faces to the wonderful women of Sweden. And that is where YOU come in!

We are searching for a Swedish Happiness Hero to join our team.

Who are we?

Goodiebox is an online subscription service aimed at inspiring our members with the latest trends in beauty - without it having to cost a fortune. We see ourselves as the matchmakers of the beauty industry, and we have made a flying start since we sold the first Goodieboxes in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. Simply because we believe that every woman deserves to be pampered.

Our ideal Happiness Hero:


Who are we looking for?


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