Happiness Hero Netherlands (Part-Time)

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark · Happiness Team


There is clearly more to a job than “where do I sit” - It’s about culture, It’s about social connections. It’s about helping each other becoming productive team members. That is why the Goodiebox employee-journey is a journey of growth. As the company grows, we want you to grow, contribute and develop with it. We take pride in each individual contributing in there distinct way - it is not just about where you are, but also where you want to go in your career - we want to go there with you!

We started Goodiebox to share happiness all around the world not just for our tens of thousands of members all around the world - but also for our employees.

Happiness, trust and ambition is in everything we do - teamwork is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends…Join a rocket-ride at the “happiest company in the world”

Who are you?

Do you always meet people with a big smile on your face? Not the creepy, forced one - that’s not what we’re talking about. But that real, heartfelt one that makes another person’s day just a little better - yeah, that one.

Our mission at Goodiebox is to make the world just a little happier - big words we know. But we believe we can do it, starting with our fantastic members. And that is where YOU come in. We are looking for someone to bring happy faces to all the wonderful women of the Netherlands.

Our ideal Happiness Hero:


Who are we looking for?


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